Weekend reading + a few bits and pieces {7.27.12}

The Ugly Truth by Ann Bauer in this month's ELLE stood out for some reason, I just had a feeling I should read it. The delicate topic of Ann's heart-wrenching story raises questions on how we perceive beauty and the judgements we make about each other based solely on looks. I don't want to say too much about the article but strongly encourage you give it a read, the message is a good one – and the happy ending is both satisfying and uplifting.

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bits and pieces1. A collection of pen drawings by Sylvia Plath.

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2. Fun new monthly series over on Theresa's blog, Inspiration Cooperative – very curious to see the personalized spin her guests put on the assignment.

3. The inaugural post kicking off Victoria's new weekly series – a great topic tying in nicely with this week's weekly reading assignment.

4. Quite possibly the most creative thing I've seen all week - lipstick stickers. There's also Chanel nail polish stickersBirkin bag stickers and all sorts of other luxury goodies. Is it weird that I kinda want to plaster my entire house with them?

Happy Weekend everyone!


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Art Love: Card Board Cities

Getting used to this new blogging schedule, or rather lack thereof has been a little bumpy so please bear with me. As many of you know from personal experience  - transitions take some time to get used to.

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I've been meaning to share Laura Redburn's quirky and hauntingly dreamy work for weeks – it just felt wrong to keep it all to myself for this long.

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I swear I've seen that giraffe before, possibly in a nightmare.

CardboardboxesThere's a whole lot more where that came from on the CARDBOARDCITIES site. Oh, and it's all available for purchase. You're welcome.


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Prada Menswear: Fall 2012

So, Garrett Hedlund and Jamie Bell are cute and all but in my opinion the true standouts of the Prada Fall 2012 menswear campaign (shot by the brilliant David Sims) are Gary Oldman and Willem Dafoe. When I opened this month’s Vanity Fair I literally gasped when I saw these dapper gents looking up at me especially after seeing the runway show to end all runway shows. The clothes are stunning and these gentlemen wear them with an air of mystery and drama. I’m going to stop gushing like a little school girl and let y’all enjoy the eye candy.

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Prada Mens collection 2012

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Prada Mens collection 2012 2

Prada Mens collection 2012 3

Prada Mens collection 2012 4

Prada Mens collection 2012 5images via TOM & LORENZO


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A life In Pictures: The Rose Bowl Flea Market

The Rose Bowl Flea Market was one of those quintessential Southern California events that I’d heard about even before moving to the West coast. The fact that I’ve lived here 4 years and never experienced it was getting to me, so I enlisted the husband to join me on the trip to Pasadena. The experience was just that, an experience. The people watching alone was worth the 1.5 hour long car ride – I loved walking around and observing the real antiquing pros do their thing. The amount of antique furniture, clothing, jewelry and just about every trinket under the (very HOT)  sun was overwhelming. I even surprised myself by leaving empty-handed with a plan to re-strategize and come back with the necessary provisions – an umbrella, sun-block and one of those nifty wheely carts. If anyone has any suggestions on how to most effectively traverse that battlefield or any antique shopping tips and tricks, please do share.

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rose bowl flea market 1~ colorful pillows and spices ~

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rose bowl flea market 2~ historical western badges & victorian keys ~

rose bowl flea market3~ benches and chairs in the perfect shade of mint ~

rose bowl flea market 4~ luggage and shoes ~

rose bowl flea market5~ 1949 calendar, stunning mid-century dinnerware, camera lenses ~ 

*all images by moi.

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